Year 2 – Week 50

This week, things get a little confusing because Zane and Dave separately drew very similar drawings. We’ll try to break it down so it is less confusing. Zane drew the one without color that says “I Heart Porgs”, while Dave’s is in color and says “friends”. We apologize for any confusion and hope you can tell them apart. Also, Tony draws his final baby of 2017 (supposedly) and James continues getting in the Christmas spirit! And, of course, BOSS BABY!

Want to join us? You’re more than welcome to. Just send a drawing to by Friday.

Week 50 – Dec 15

Tony Hartman

James Cole

Zane Hughes
This is where it can get confusing. Zane Hughes drew this one, the one directly above this sentence.

Dave Biscella
friendsAnd Dave Biscella drew this one. Although they look very similar, we assure you they are two separate drawings.

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